UFO – University Friendship Organization

Welcome to UFO – your chance to get to know people from all over the world!

Each semester there are around 350 international students studying at Halmstad University, and the arrival in a completely new country probably brings along a great taste for experiencing new things but also many questions. This is why UFO is here! UFO, which stands for University Friendship Organization, helps the international students make the most out of their time in Halmstad and Sweden.

The purpose of UFO is to help you as an international student to make new friends, socialize and experience what Halmstad and Sweden has to offer. UFO consists of students at Halmstad University that voluntarily plan and organize activities, trips and other events. To name a few previous happenings, UFO has arranged trips to Lapland (north of Sweden), Moose Safari, Liseberg in Gothenburg, Ice skating in Helsingborg, Skiing at Vallåsen, Barbecue and mini golf etcetera.

To become a member of UFO you need to be a member of the Student Union, ”studentkåren”. Please follow our Faceboook page ”UFO Halmstad studentkår”, where you will find up-to-date information regarding events, activities and trips, and be able to connect with other international students. You can also contact us on ufo@karen.hh.se

UFO Buddy

“UFO Buddy” is a mentorship by the University Friendship Organization here at Halmstad University. Do you want, in an easy way, get in touch with Swedish students? Maybe you would like to have someone who can help you when needed, while you live here in Sweden. Then you can get a Swedish student as a Buddy. This help can be, for example; finding your way around town, help with where you can buy things like bus-pass or a bike, or just someone to help you meet other people or simply just hang around during the semester here in Sweden.

If you are interested in having a Buddy, please let us know by sending an e-mail to ufo@karen.hh.se.




See you on campus!

University Friendship Organisation, a part of Halmstad Student Union